Every day, users come to Google to search for products and connect with merchants to make their purchase. We continue to work hard to improve the shopping experience and starting today, users in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Turkey will begin to see Product Listing Ads more frequently on their shopping-related queries. Product Listing Ads are highly relevant ads that include rich product information directly in the ad itself - which may include a product image, price, and merchant name.

Where you’ll see Product Listing Ads in these countries
Product Listing Ads will appear in a single unit on Google search results when we identify that a search query has commercial intent, and when we have enough relevant products to match that user's query. This unit will be labeled as ‘Sponsored’ and will initially occupy space on the right-hand side of the search results page, above text ads.

We look forward to continuing to build delightful shopping experiences for consumers and working closely with merchants around the world.

Posted by Santiago Andrigo, Product Manager, Google Shopping